For the best result you need a mix of 4kg Geopat® of m². When you have an arena of 20 x 40m this means you need 3.200kg Geopat®.
The Geopat® will be mixed in de upper sand layer 8-10cm of the footing with a harrow rotator.

Condition and quality of arena’s in equestrian sports is an important element in the overall performance and well-being of horses. Most of the sand based grounds either lack sufficient stability or become rock-hard within days after maintenance, with associated drainage problems and potential risks of injuries for animals and humans. The preferred riding surface has stability in combination with a cushioning effect, important for the well-being of horses and riders, but equally important in terms of minimising maintenance costs of riding grounds.
In 1991, after several years of intensive research, Liberty Equine Products of Holland launched the Geopat® product, providing stability and flexibility to the riding ground matching the requirements of the various different equestrian sports.
Geopat® is an additive which is mixed into the sand at an average ratio of 4 Kg per square meter arena, giving the stabilising and cushioning effect for the perfect riding ground.
Geopat® consists of small flakes (up to 2 x 2 cm), shredded from especially woven cloth fabricated from 100% polyester fibres in a patented production process. The product has been tested and approved by TNO research in Holland as environmental friendly and a biologically stable non deteriorating material.
Although Geopat® works with most types of sand used in riding arena’s, the best results will be achieved from sand with sieve analysis at 75% between 130 – 220 Micron. The mixing process is simple and straight forward and can be completed in a couple of hours using standard farming equipment.

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