The high quality walkers from Liberty Equine Products are fully geared to the welfare and the safety of the horse. These walkers take you wherever possible workload what results in a big saving on labor costs. The advantages of the walkers from Liberty Equine Products are known by the leading riders and professional stables in the horse industry worldwide.
In the walkers from Liberty Equine Products the horses become a greater stamina by their regular round and it increases the blood circulation and the development of the muscles. This all results in a clear improved performance and less chance of injury.
Liberty Equine Products has supplied and installed, in the recent decades, hundreds of walkers. The customer benefits from this experience. Thanks to years of experience we are able to provide our models to your specific needs.

Liberty Horsewalker

The construction of the walker is galvanised. Liberty Equine products cho ...

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The multitrainer is a combination of an exerciser and a lunging ring. The ...

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Junior Walkers

Liberty Equine Products BV developed the Junior walker specially for the ...

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