Condition and quality of arena’s in equestrian sports is an important element in the overall performance and well-being of horses. Most of the sand based grounds either lack sufficient stability or become rock-hard within days after maintenance, with associated drainage problems and potential risks of injuries for animals and humans. The preferred riding surface has stability in combination with a cushioning effect.

That’s why Liberty Equine Products developed Topsoil®. It is a mix of special selected types of sand  and the right amount of Geopat®.  The Topsoil®  will be pre-mixed at the yard of Liberty Equine Products, because it will give a constant soil with a lot of advantages.


·    It gives the perfect mix due to a consistent mix of sand and Geopat® from the corners to the centre.

·    Quality control, during the mixing process it will be checked constantly. With approval the product will be send to the end user.

·    Less transport costs by saving a lot of equipment on site.

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